X-Connect is an online booking system for travel industry with xml connectivity from different suppliers. You can also add your own contracted rates for Hotels, Transfers, Sightseeing tours and Apartments.

We already connected 50 xmls which include most of the major suppliers. If your suppliers are from this list then the system will be ready for you in 3 weeks. If it is a new supplier then based on their documentation we will provide you the time limit.

We will charge a nominal setup fee and there will be a monthly maintenance cost based on the number of xmls you need to connect. Please contact us for more details.

The complete color scheme, Invoice, Voucher and Payment receipt formats can customize. You can contact us for any other customization and we will check and revert you on the possibilities as early as possible.

XML suppliers are keeps on updating their system technology, facilities, destinations and products. So it is important that these changes need to do in your system as well. Monthly cost includes all the updations at the supplier level, server space and database so minimizing your IT cost.

X-Connect is ideal for Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Wholesalers and Corporate agencies.

Yes. Using the supplier module you can enter the contracted rates of Hotels, Transfers, Sightseeing tours and apartments. Please contact us for the cost.

Can add as many suppliers you want.

Yes, you can have any buying currency and selling currency. You have the full control of the rate of exchange of your currencies.

Yes. We can host your application in our secured server located in USA. Our maintenance plan includes hosting also.

Yes it is possible, but in this case the server maintenance and data backup is your responsibility.

Yes. Based on the xml supplier policy the system will pickup the nationality wise rate. Our contracting module also designed to pick up the rates nationality wise.


E-Net is an inbound tour operator system for the local DMCs and Tour Operators.

It is a ready made system and can be given in two weeks time. It all depends on the time required for customisation.

You can manage rates,inventory of hotels, transfers and sightseeing tours. You can also load marketwise rates, promotional offers, pay and stay deals, early booking tariff. The system will allow you to distribute your products to other travel agencies through XML interface.